Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ithaca - Maos BFX competition project

Hey guys last week my team (Maos) completed our entry for the BFX festival competition. This took a team of 6 of us 6 weeks about 12-16 hours a day (more in the last week), god knows how much coffee and "thats what she said" jokes. I'm really pleased with the overall visual quality of the finished piece. In this short Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Odysseus in a Sci-fi reimagining of the Cyclops passage from Homer's Odyssey. Whilst other entries may have been more imaginative or esoteric, I personally feel we managed to achieve a much higher level of hyper-realism. Oh and of course none of them had Arnie!

On this piece I was lead texture artist and compositor, as well as the environmental modeler. (Oh I animated the flags as well :P). Will post some breakdowns at some point.

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