Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Just completed my 'specialist' project for my 2nd year at Bournemouth. I finally got to have a go at producing a Neil Roberts style painting (i.e. mostly rendered 3D assets painted over in Photoshop with a matte painting background). This was a really interesting project and took me a lot of hard work to produce. The workflow involved modelling an organic base mesh in maya and zbrush, then rigging it so that it was poseable. After rigging I modeled the armour in Maya, parenting it to the joints so that it would follow them. Then I used multiple duplicates of the model, posed them and positioned them into my composition (the composition was decided from researching traditional war paintings). Then following some basic hypershade texturing and lighting it was rendered out using mental ray, and painted over in photoshop. There is also a video breakdown of the photoshop workflow below. Considering this is my first attempt at this workflow I am very happy with the results (about 3 weeks work including write up):



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